Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oddity of the Week: Soap Box

Maybe it was on purpose that the former residents left a box full of old soaps in the basement. There's plenty of water down there! Rinse up! Or maybe it was supposed to mask the musky mold scent wafting around. Either way, soap has never looked like so much fun! And it smells factory-fresh! And it's just 10 cents per bar! (Can you even buy single bars today? Do you think soap ever goes bad?)

Irish Spring was manly deodorant soap back then -- the tagline a predecessor of Old Spice's "I'm On a Horse" campaign today? Now it just wants everyone to "feel fresh and clean." So modern and boring.

Look at that! The party is literally flying off the shelf! Too bad the pretty packaging couldn't make it past 1985. 

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