Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Camper

We need another project like a hole in the head, but we couldn't resist the allure of a rusted-out camper. At least we didn't pay anything for it.

The 1960s Serro Scotty Sportsman arrived in our driveway surreptitiously this afternoon after I begged for it at the Flower, Lawn & Garden Show back in February. (See post here.) Back then, I was in love and Mike was questioning my judgment. Today, he had the wide-eyed look that recognizes possibility and a grin that said: "We can do this."

Inside, it boasts only the most luxurious amenities: seating/bed with a pull-out option, dining room table, fridge, hole for grill and electricity (if we hook it up), and it's appropriately complemented by a gray striped carpet on all surfaces and turquoise cabinets. Sure, its decaying wood, busted glass, musty odor and mouse houses aren't for everyone, but it's OURS.

We'll take it apart piece by piece and restore it to be an unrecognizablely sweet Scotty. We're thinking light wood paneling, modern light fixtures and maybe we'll keep those painted cabinets.

We envision it as a cabin at the back of the property or near the garage as a party trailer, but possibly it could be road-ready as the Gekas family travel wagon. Whatever it will be, it will be a fine addition to DesignFarm.


  1. You guys crack me up! You must have been missing our crazy road trip in the RV. I'm glad that we're not the only ones who continue to take on new projects, even though the previous 5 still are not finished!

  2. She's a Beaut Clark! A real Beaut!

    But seriously! I love it! Can't wait to see the progress!!

  3. looks great! Dont do too much fancy stuff to it. It's got a great patina that will look nice behind that ole farm truck. Especially when we take it down to the ozarks for some camp'n.
    I'm really jealous.