Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The wind beneath their wings

I felt bad that we've been slow to get the chicken run installed so that the ladies could have access to the great outdoors. I made a temporary chicken tractor last weekend, but within five minutes I knew I'd never do it again. At least not that way. I had pounded in four stakes in the lawn and encircled them with chicken wire. Actually, at first I was a bit lazy and thought the chicks would be big enough to be contained by a wire cage that we had left over from a pallet of stone pavers. They were too big, but they sure did try hard and got thisclose to escaping. So I used chicken wire, which is, imagine that, great for keeping in chickens.

One by one, I caught them inside the coop and carried them to this pen. They clucked nervously, especially that first one. Her instincts must have told her this was the end. By the time I had captured and moved 12 hens, I was exhausted and sat there with them to enjoy this moment as they enjoyed their first introduction to grass and sunlight. In the background is their brooder propped up against their new old home.

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