Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The chickies are here! The chickies are here!

Babies come from storks; chickens come from the mailman. This answers the question: Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? In our case, it's the chicken.

Our little chickes hatched Saturday and were shipped jam-packed in a tiny box, arriving at the house of a couple we met at a party over Christmas. During that evening, a conversation led to an agreement to split a box, almost as casually as if we were ordering a pizza to share and not 25 live animals. Wanna go halves on a quiche?

The brooder in set up in the basement, and I can already see we're going to need a larger space for them to run around in. It's only been five days since they hatched, but they're already developing their wings!


  1. WANT! I think if given the opportunity, I would end up like Joey and Chandler on 'Friends', with a tiny duck and a tiny chick. Ummm, until they grow. Then...shipped to live on Design Farm!